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StaiNo Whitening Technology

StaiNo clinically proven advanced whitening and stain removal technology for quickly & safely eliminating stains, including tobacco, coffee, wine and cola, between teeth.

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Travel Models
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It is with great pride that we celebrate STAINO'S 10th anniversary and the introduction of our advanced whitening and stain removal technology - a truly innovative breakthrough for cleaning natural tooth surfaces with our patented abrasive filaments - to dentists around the world.

Indeed, the flags proudly displayed on this page represet just some of the countries where dentists provide STAINO products to their patients every day.

Through a joint developement project with world renowned Dupont and Dedeco, the dental industry's leading manufacturer of dental polishers, we are able to blend ultrafine white aluminum oxide abrasive particles into micro-thin filaments.

As a result unlike other manufacturer's standard nylon filaments which work solely on the basis of friction, STAINO filaments - taking advantage of the abrasive particles used by dentists for decades - are clinically proven to work faster and more effectively in removing plaque and stains while simultaneously whitening tooth surfaces.

The scientific studies are undeniable. No matter your preference - Minis & Jumbos, Travel Models, Twins, Floss 'n Toss or just refill brushes - STAINO outperforms the competition.

Thank you for your interest and welcome to the STAINO family of products.

Staino offers the industry's widest range of interdental models for convenient at-home and on-the-go use. No matter the task - be it removing plaque and food particles between and around teeth, bridge abutments,implants and braces or removing tobacco, coffee, red wine, cola and other tooth surface stains - STAINO offer the ideal, shape an size interdental brush and easy to use handle to work quickly and efficiently.

Why are STAINO Interdental Brushes Unique?

Ultra-fine white aluminum oxide - a proven dental stain removing abrasive - is blended within the nylon bristles for faster more effective plaque and stain removal while simultaneously whitening tooth surfaces.

Is the Aluminum Oxide only in the Green-Colored Bristles?

No, it is blended in all the bristles, green and white. The green band simply makes it easier to identify a genuine StaiNo Interdental Brush.

Why are STAINO Interdental Brushes Better?

The ultra-fine white aluminum oxide in STAINO bristles remove plaque and difficult stains much faster while simultaneously whitening tooth surfaces. Other manufacturerer's Interdental brushes are just nylon and work solely on the basis of friction.

What type of stains do they remove?

Surface stains commonly caused by tobacco, coffee, red wine and cola.

Are STAINO brushes safe?

Absolutely. In both laboratory and clinical studies STAINO Interdental Brushes have been conclusively proven safe.

Are the wires plastic coated

Yes, therefore also safe for cleaning around implants.

What is the significance of the color code?

The different colors on the packages and brush handles identify the various shapes and sizes of the brushes.

How many shapes and sizes are available?

Five: Minis (microfine), ultrafine cylindical, ultrafine tapered, cylindrical and jumbos(tapered).

Why should I use STAINO interdental brushes?

STAINO interdental brushes are the first to effectively remove plaque and difficult stains between teeth, where most staining and decay occur, while simultaineously whitening tooth surfaces.
STAINO reduces gingivitis as part of a good oral hygiene program and supplemental regular professional care.