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Commonly stated reasons why...

1. Stronger, Stiffer Wire

Which is more resistant to bending and buckling. Durable nylon filament, delivers superior cleaning ability and extended brush life.

2. 'Twisty' Handle

The slim, round handle is a feature of Piksters and enables the user to rotate the brush on insertion and assists the cleaning ability.

3. Brilliant in Furcas

The durable bristles compress on insertion and spring open on withdrawal (unlike floss) and are excellent for cleaning in the difficult areas where it matters most, molars & premolars.

4. Convenient

One piece design - not like others that require fiddly two piece assembly. Patient compliance is directly related to convenience.

5. Hygenic

Each brush has a cap, which keeps the brush clean when in-transit and doubles as a handle extension.

6. Excellent Value

Compare with the quality and price of the brushes you use now. Piksters are nearly half the price of many other brands so patients are more likely to continue using them.

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What are Piksters?

Piksters are an Interdental Brush that very effectively cleans the gaps between teeth and removes decaying food particles which may cause bad breath, plaque formation and gum disease.

Piksters are like a toothpick with bristles and these bristles have the capacity to expand into the indents on the teeth surfaces, particularly at the gum line of molars and premolars. Most people find Piksters easier to use than floss as they can be used one handed and they really give you a "just cleaned" feeling. People that have implants, crown and bridgework, braces or periodontal disease need to pay special attention to these areas and Piksters makes this job a lot easier. Toothbrushes and floss are often not as suitable in these situations as they have difficulty gaining access.

Piksters are made of tough nylon filament and stiff strong plastic coated wire which resists buckling and bending. They are also available in 10 sizes, and so there is a size that fits nearly any application.

Piksters are also reusable and so every brush has been provided with a cap so you can rinse the brush after each use and take it with you. The design is so small and compact they can be carried unobtrusively in a pocket or purse. So convenient during the day to remove food that becomes trapped between teeth after eating.

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