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The Interdental Brush Buyer's Club


The IBBC Mission: Improving periodontal health through education
and promotion of Interdental Brushes

Easy to use and when used correctly, interdental brushes are considered by a majority of dental professionals to be a superior and preferred means to clean in between teeth and consequently maintain dental, periodontal, and overall health. CLINICAL STUDIES


Interdental Brushes to the Rescue!


PATIENTS WIN!   The IBBC facilitates continued compliance and long term periodontal, dental and general health by promoting reduced pricing, encouraging larger quantity orders and specializing in automatic shipments. Finally a web store where you can find the size and brand you are looking for!


DENTAL PROFESSIONALS WIN!   The IBBC recognizes how important dental professionals and adequate samples are for proper introduction, education, demonstration and sizing of Interdental Brushes. The IBBC way sustains a continuous supply of FREE SAMPLES with top quality brands to choose from.